How to fix avast not working?

If you find Avast not working for you, do give all the above mentioned tips a try. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to fix it if you follow the steps described above. However, there are better VPN services out there, such as PureVPN, so if you’re not satisfied with Avast VPN, you can still switch to something that has a proven record of performance and reliability.

How to fix Microsoft Windows System Protection Background Tasks?

Microsoft Windows system protection background tasks execute a legal file which is the srtasks.exe file. This executable file generally used by the Windows 10 task scheduler in order to make system restore points. Generally, all this process occupies a little of your CPU but it consumes 70% or more of the CPU usage. Well, this particular error has been fixed on any other build which comes after the Windows 10, it's a common error which you can encounter. Now, let’s see some myths about it and how to fix it.

How to create a strong Password?

Thank you for reading until the end. If you’re here, you should be ready to face the years to come secure and able to survive through security breaches unscathed. Just be sure to use the tip's I gave you while avoiding the bad password examples i mentioned.
By the way, this is the correct place to provide you one more security tip. No site or institution will ever ask you for your password, neither by email or phone. So if this happens to you, be sure it’s a fraud.
Keep the following in mind – your passwords are your keys to the online world. Since we pretty much do everything online, they're really important. i think we’ve successfully covered the query of “How to create a strong password?”, Therefor keep these pieces of advice in mind when creating new accounts. Also, consider updating your older passwords as well. Take care!

Easy Ways to Speed up Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s fastest booting OS ever. But could it be faster? the solution is yes, it could. you have a few options available to assist Windows 10 boot even faster. These speed boosts don’t require any dangerous tweaks & can shave 2nd's from your boot time.
Therefor, here are best ways to speed up Windows 10 boot times.

How to Reformat a Laptop on Windows 10/8/7

If your computer has been attacked by a virus and you don’t know what to do, your last resort is to format your laptop. Formatting is also helpful if your computer is running too slow or is experiencing serious errors. it's quite easy to format or reformat a laptop, however, you should backup all information on the pc before beginning. in this article, you will learn latest effective ways to Reformat a Laptop on Windows 10/8/7.

How to format a USB flash drive on Windows?

On Windows 10, the ability to format a USB flash drive can work in many scenarios. for example, you might want to reformat a new or used removable storage device to create sure it doesn't contain any malicious code. Or if a thumb drive is inaccessible as of data corruption. You may have received a flash drive using a file system that is not compatible with your system configuration. Or you're planning to give the drive away and want to create sure personal information doesn't go along with it.

How to update your iTunes billing information?

There are lots of reasons you might need to change the payment poses for your iCloud storage plan. Maybe you want to simplify your finances, avoid interest and overdraft fees, or update expired card details.
Whatever your reason, it’s easy to Update iTunes billing information method from any device. the only catch is that doing so changes the payment method for all your other Apple purchases because well.